Texas, Oregon, Connecticut and Pennsylvania Governors Support Efforts to End Unfair Gulf Carrier Subsidies

Washington, D.C. (May 22, 2018) – A bipartisan group of four governors from across the country have sent letters to the Trump administration supporting action against the massive government subsidies that the UAE and Qatar have provided to their state-owned airlines, in violation of Open Skies trade agreements. The group joins ten other governors and over 310 members of Congress who have sent similar letters to the administration calling for fair competition to protect the jobs of the 1.2 million Americans who depends on a strong airline industry.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf each emphasized aviation’s vital role as an employer and economic engine in their states, which has been threatened by the Gulf airlines’ anticompetitive behavior. Last week, the Trump administration announced an agreement with the UAE that would end its trade violations and help restore a level playing field to the marketplace. The new deal follows a similar agreement with Qatar in January. Both announcements were praised across the airline industry as a win for U.S. workers against unfair foreign trade practices.

“We are grateful to these four governors for speaking out on behalf of American workers, and for joining the broad, bipartisan coalition of leaders who oppose the Gulf airlines’ trade violations,” said Scott Reed, campaign manager for the Partnership for Open & Fair Skies. “We thank the Trump administration for reaching agreements with the UAE and Qatar to bring these subsidies to an end. And we now look forward to working closely with the White House and State Department to ensure these governments abide by their commitments.”

Links to the full letters are available below: