Statement from Partnership for Open & Fair Skies on UAE Willingness to Talk

The Partnership for Open & Fair Skies today applauded the willingness of the government of the United Arab Emirates to enter into consultations with the United States to discuss the issue of state subsidies and their impact on fair competition. According to the Gulf News, an official with the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority said, “We are happy to talk.”

“We look forward to those consultations taking place and hope that the government of Qatar will also be willing to engage the US government in similar talks,” said the Partnership s spokesman Carter Yang.

Formed by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, along with the Air Line Pilots Association, Int l, the Allied Pilots Association, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants and the Airline Division of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the Partnership is focused on restoring a level playing field to international air travel.

The group has called on the Obama Administration to open consultations with Qatar and the United Arab Emirates under the Open Skies agreements in order to address the flow of subsidized capacity to the United States by Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways and Emirates Airline.